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BEYOND THE 4CS | Forevermark


Every diamond is a unique miracle of nature. The first step in the route of selection is the 4Cs, the standard description was developed to describe and assign value to diamonds.

Each of the 4Cs describes a diamond’s specific characteristics - its cut, color, clarity and carat weight. These characteristics can be helpful when learning about diamonds, but they are only four of the many criteria that can be used to evaluate a diamond. As a result, two diamonds with the same 4Cs criteria may be very different. 

To choose a truly beautiful diamond, greater attention and parameters are required. We look far beyond the 4Cs, meticulously assessing each diamond to ensure they meet our elevated standards. The key to meticulous selection will include analyzing the symmetry of the girdle, the polish of the table as well as each facet and controlling that each culet is perfectly pointed.


Forevermark hand-selects each diamond for it’s individual beauty. In addition to only selecting diamonds that meet strict 4Cs criteria, Forevermark defines pure beauty through specific parameters:

  • Every Forevermark diamond must be completely natural, untreated and un-enhanced in any way, without any alterations or treatments.
  • The table, or the flat surface on top of the diamond, must be perfectly smoothed and polished. This is necessary to show the inscription.
  • The girdles, or the perimeter of the diamond, must show pure harmony and symmetry. This means that the diamond is more durable and has less propensity to chip or break.
  • The culet, or the bottom of the diamond, must be perfectly pointed.
  • Forevermark diamonds cannot have any open inclusions, or flaws visible to the naked eye.
  • All Forevermark diamonds must be sourced from mines that adhere to the highest social and economic standards.

All of these selection criteria ensure the every Forevermark diamond is one that you will be proud to give and own forever.