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The Mark of Integrity | Forevermark

The Mark of Integrity

At the heart of every Forevermark diamond lies an enduring commitment to integrity.

We keep careful track of every Forevermark diamond throughout its journey. From the moment a Forevermark diamond is unearthed, it is automatically tracked and monitored at each stage until it is ultimately inscribed as a Forevermark diamond.

This process ensures that every Forevermark diamond is conflict free, untreated and completely natural.

Commercial integrity is equally important to Forevermark, so we ensure that the people we work with – at both The De Beers Group of Companies and our partner companies – adhere to and benefit from legal, safe and responsible business practices. 

The Forevermark icon and unique identification number inscribed on each Forevermark diamond represent this commitment to integrity. The inscription is 1/20th of a micron deep, or 1/5000th the width of a human hair. It is inscribed on the table facet of the diamond using proprietary technology developed by The De Beers Group of Companies. The inscription can only be seen through a Forevermark Viewer, at an Authorised Forevermark Jeweller.

The inscription number is also recorded on the individual Forevermark identification card that accompanies each diamond. It represents Forevermark’s promise that the diamond has been responsibly sourced.

Conflict Free

Every Forevermark diamond comes from a mine that has been carefully selected and approved according to our strict criteria.

When considering any potential diamond source, our first requirement is that it complies with the Kimberley Process, an international monitoring system co-founded by The De Beers Group of Companies to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds.The Kimberley Process requires strict monitoring to control the import and export of rough diamonds. To comply with this process, detailed records must be kept as each diamond passes along the supply chain, including Kimberley Process Certificates and warranty invoices.

While the Kimberley Process is in place to help monitor the movement of rough diamonds, Forevermark goes well beyond to consider the profile of every diamond community that might be a source for Forevermark, including the prevailing standard of human rights, the political climate and the socio-economic situation. Only when we are satisfied on all of these fronts do we approve a Forevermark mining source. This is why you can be confident that each Forevermark diamond is conflict free.

At the Forevermark Diamond Institute, each diamond undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it is completely natural and untreated.

Expert diamond graders bring years of experience to the task of detecting when a diamond has been treated to enhance its appearance. They are helped by technology developed over many years by The De Beers Group of Companies, including state of the art instruments such as DiamondSureTM, DiamondViewTM, and DiamondPlusTM, which detect when a diamond has been synthesised under high pressure or by vapour deposition. They also detect any clarity or colourenhancements, including laser drilling, fracture filling and colour coating.

Forevermark rejects all synthetics and all diamonds that have been artificially enhanced; only those diamonds verified as completely natural can earn the Forevermark inscription. Forevermark diamonds cannot be included in jewellery pieces that include synthetic or treated diamonds.

Learn more about how Forevermark goes beyond the traditional 4Cs.

Forevermark Integrity Requirements

An industry-leading set of business, social and environmental standards, the Forevermark Integrity Requirements set out what is expected of both the experts who cut and polish Forevermark diamonds (known as Forevermark Diamantaires) and the Authorised Forevermark manufacturers and retailers who craft and then sell Forevermark diamonds loose or in beautiful jewellery designs.

All of our partners must maintain a good and honest business reputation, must never misrepresent synthetic, treated, or simulated stones as natural diamonds, and must never submit Forevermark diamonds to any form of enhancement or artificial treatment.

Proprietary Forevermark Production Control Software automatically tracks and controls each diamond’s progress through the cutting and polishing process. To avoid any possibility of human intervention, the data is recorded automatically in the Forevermark Global Database.

To ensure that the Forevermark Integrity Requirements are met, all Forevermark Diamantaires are checked at least once a year by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) the largest independent third party auditor in the world and a specialist in ethical supply chains. Additionally, the Pipeline Integrity process was written in conjunction with the highly respected British Standards Institution (BSI), which continues to endorse the process through regular reviews.

This level of quality control gives you further assurance of our integrity in everything we do, and of the integrity of every Forevermark diamond.


Discover how Forevermark promotes opportunities for women as skilled diamond cutters and polishers.

The Forevermark Diamond Institute

Every Forevermark diamond is tested, authenticated and inscribed at The Forevermark Diamond Institute, which has set new standards in the accuracy and consistency of diamond grading, going well beyond the 4Cs. Our expert team uses meticulous processes, bespoke software and proprietary grading instruments to guarantee an accurate profile of each diamond. Standardised procedures and rules have been developed for each phase of grading and evaluation to ensure that the final grade is consistent; and graders also use a system of sub-grades for both colour and clarity. These sub-grades ensure added precision, accuracy and consistency. 

To ensure the accuracy and consistency of results, Forevermark tests each diamond at least five times. Only once these tests have been successfully completed can a diamond be inscribed with the Forevermark icon and unique identification number.


Forevermark diamonds are tracked at every stage of their journey from rough to polished diamonds, so you can be sure they adhere to our exemplary standards of quality, responsibility and integrity.

Witness the extraordinary journey of each Forevermark diamond as it travels from mine to jeweller, meeting strict integrity and quality criteria at every step. 

Follow the Forevermark Diamond Journey.

Our Commitment to Integrity

Our Commitment to Integrity

Responsible sourcing means that Forevermark diamonds bring lasting environmental, social and economic benefits throughout their journey from mine to finger, especially in producer countries like South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, with a particular focus on supporting women and the natural world.

Stringent criteria that goes beyond the Kimberley Process, such as the Forevermark Integrity Requirements and Third Party Auditing ensure that each diamond is responsibly sourced.

The Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark

Together, Positive Luxury and Forevermark have explored and recorded the values, systems, policies and activities that combine to make every Forevermark diamond beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Positive Luxury also helps Forevermark to communicate responsible sourcing in an accurate and meaningful way to all of its stakeholders, from employees and approved partners to customers, investors and civil society organisations.

Forevermark is proud to have been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark in recognition of our outstanding commitment to responsible sourcing. The Butterfly Mark is a unique Trust Mark that recognises luxury brands’ commitments to craftsmanship, service and sustainability, and helps create a memorable shopping experience, building loyalty and trust. 

Learn more about Positive Luxury and the Butterfly Mark. 

For Women. Forever.

We believe that thriving, sustainable economies not only benefit from, but require the full and equal participation of women; and that it is every woman’s right to make such a contribution. Forevermark, as part of The De Beers Group of Companies, supports women entrepreneurs and their businesses and contributes to the provision of good quality healthcare and education.

Protecting Nature's Treasures

Forevermark, as part of The De Beers Group of Companies, is committed to the preservation and protection of habitats, their species and the wider natural world.