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1/SOURCING | Forevermark


All Forevermark diamonds are sourced from a select few mines, meticulously chosen for their stringent business, social and environmental standards.

Forevermark  brings you the most carefully selected diamonds in the world. Each one is responsibly sourced, and then meticulously cut, polished and graded before it can be inscribed with proprietary technology that makes it uniquely yours. Forevermark is one of the leaders in the industry with innovative technology and employs practices to ensure high quality and authenticity.

Every Forevermark diamond starts it’s journey as a natural mineral sourced from a handful of carefully selected mines in countries such as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Canada. Forevermark diamonds are mined deep below ground, from the ocean and even beneath an Arctic lake.  Each mine must meet exigent business, social and environmental standards and endure rigorous third-party auditing. Forevermark and the De Beers Group of Companies make lasting contributions to the mining communities through educational, medical and social initiatives as well as taking action to reddress the environmental impact of mining.



Drawing on vast experience, diamond sorters masterfully assess the distinct characteristics of each rough to ascertain those of potential Forevermark quality.